Sacred Economics is a Very Good Book

I walked in to Powell’s City of Books looking for the hot new tome of economics, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, by Thomas Piketty.  Living up to its press, however, it was sold out.  That’s when a book caught my eye.  Pink?  Flowery?  Economics?  How can this not be good? Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, & […]

Solar Isn’t The Future. (It’s Paying Off Right Now)

My electric utility sends ME monthly electric bills.  If that’s all you need to be convinced, the short-n-dirty is that you should go to DSIRE to see what’s available in your area.   The long and even dirtier version Alongside my inner Captain Planet is my inner maverick, my off-grid cowboy.  A guy who’s self-sufficient, […]

Ferguson. The Affluenza Pandemic Spreads.

In response to riots in Ferguson Missouri, President Obama has called for “The Rule of Law to be respected.  I couldn’t agree more.  In fact, I think that we need to start flexing some Federal muscle to show that we’re serious about what has become a national emergency.  Rampant looting of the commons, persistent discrimination, dark-money […]

Ferguson Protesters

ChangeMachine is Coming! is NOT about empowering people.  A machine doesn’t create power, it channels it.  We don’t want to take credit for being power-brokers.  I say “we” but really there’s just me here at this desk.  And a couple of plants, I guess (tall, but spindly. Not power-broker plants). What we are going to attempt here is […]